Dr A here- Turns out that a Polar Vortex is coming to a town near us.  For some, winter is a bit of a break, for others, a time to clear out, clean up and prepare for the spring, for all of us, a time for the woolies, hot toddies and Thanksgiving blessings.


Time:  It is amazing about the evolution of the speed of time.  The older you get, the faster it seems to go.  As my friend said the other day “It seems like Christmas comes once a month.” 


Crocus and such: I have been playing in my garden (no snow here yet, only one killing frost) and admiring the colors of the Japanese maples, witch hazels and gingko.   I have also planted some more lilies (so many, hybrids, heights and flavors) as well as my mandatory 100 crocus (25 for the squirrels, 25 for the chipmunks, 25 for voles and moles, 10  to rot and 15 to love).  


App Comments: The comments on the App are always fun to read.  If one or two are somewhat less than enthusiastic, I publish them anyway.  However, most are educational and really get me thinking about how  can add more for specific plants and regions.   You must read them, they may even make you smile.


A book about what???  Friends and colleagues have talked me into writing another book.  I would not thought to do it, nor actually tried to do it, but I have taken the dare and am writing about  “The Life and Times of …. “ well, me.   Writing about yourself certainly opens your eyes to mistakes you made along the way.  I don’t expect to sell more than a dozen – I am making all dozen of those friends and colleagues buy one, but maybe I can give some away to my kids.  Or not.    Stay tuned.


Deer/Rabbit:  I have been following the recommendations on my App for a couple of years now deer proof and rabbit browsing.  I know that my lilies will need deer spray when they bud up, and I am ready.  I did not know that rabbits enjoyed epimediums quite so much.   That is what some of the comments on the App have said, I guess my rabbits haven’t figured that out yet.


Epimedium:  Speaking of Epimedium, it is still one of the plants I recommend to almost anyone with shade.   And in areas of dry shade (hills, near tree roots), there is no better choice.



Epimedium x sulphureum (from the Armitage App)


Go to the App and see My Favorites as well as Hints for Success.  This is one great plant.


Downloading the App is as easy as 1-2-3:


For anyone: If you or your customers wish to download it, have them go to the “App” store on their iProducts or Androids, and search “Armitage”.  Then follow instructions.  People should know it costs $4.99, and while worth every penny, some people may be surprised that an App actually costs money.


IGC: If you are an Independent Garden Center (IGC) and wish to be listed on the App free of charge, just go to this form (Maria, do I have a link to the form somewhere?) – it is really simple.   When you send me your material, I will list you on the App, and anytime you update your website, the App is updated automatically with your new information.  All I ask in return is that you promote the App to your clientele – you are on it, so why would you not. (I don’t have any examples at this time, can anyone find a few?)


2. The World of Books: Does anyone read a book anymore?  I sure hope so, as I have written a few and plan on doing a few more.  However, to make Thanksgiving and Christmas gift giving even better, I have reduced the price of all my books by 15%.  Not only can you give a gift that will never go out of style, I will personalize it and sign it.  Of course, you must realize that once I sign it, the value immediately declines.  Go to http://www.allanarmitage.net/shop/


3. No Moss Growing on Me:   I have had trouble with the App developer I wot=rk with, they are going through “management issues”.   So some of the upgrades you were expecting (new IGCs, new plants, etc) have been stalled, but the problem is being fixed.  Upgrades will continue very soon


            The second online class – Perennials For the Shade – just came online.  The two classes (the other is Perennials for the Sun) are designed for those who want to learn more in their own time.  They are in-depth, but educational and entertaining.  I welcome you to my classes.  Sign up information can be found on www.allanarmitage.net.


            My website offers information on the App, travel, classes but also on other things I am involved in.  You can purchase books, see where I am speaking and send me a note. I look forward to hearing from you.

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