Today we have stores for everything - and I mean everything, online and off. In the plant world, we can search online for days, trying to find a plant that nobody else has. Or we can go to the box stores and find plants everyone else has.  To each his own.

Most people buying plants today are decorators; they want to decorate the outside of their home with beauty.  They don’t necessarily want the newest of the new, but want something that will look nice, grow well, and persist all season. My daughters are just like that – young working mothers with children, little money and even less time. 

That is why I tell them to visit their independent garden centers (IGC). I do the same, because when I walk in I immediately know that I can find excellent plant material, great garden furniture and people who love what they do to help me.

Many IGCs offer design, maintenance and installation, all at a reasonable price and with a satisfaction guarantee. My daughters found Nirvana.

And I am so pleased to see that so many IGCs have embraced my App. It makes my daughters’ jobs easier:  to find the garden center, to check them out on line – and you can be sure everyone under 60 checks us out – and allows them to stay up-to-date all the time. In fact, in chatting with folks, we found there were 10 good reasons for IGCs to be listed on the App, they seem to make sense to the IGC, to me and, more importantly, to all those decorators out there looking for a place to spend a little money.

Many garden centers on my App are destination garden centers, offering much more than just plants. Some offer a coffee bar, others childcare, and nearly all create an atmosphere “away from the madding crowd” often found in the box store down the street.

I learned from a recent survey that people who do not consider themselves “gardeners” are intimidated by independent garden centers. They feel they don’t 
know enough to walk in or will be assailed by people asking them questions about plants. They are much like my daughters.

I know the garden centers who chose to be listed allow people to relax and leave them alone until they need help and if anything, will expand their comfort 
level about anything garden or decorator-related.
That’s why they chose to be on my App, they are our kind of folks.

More info: Find IGCs listed in your state, tap their name for their website, or use their contact info to call or visit. All websites provide a brief description and a photo at the top of the page. Have fun, what would we do without them?

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Top 10 reasons why IGCs are listed on the Armitage App:
1. Independent retail garden centers can be featured FREE on the app =drive traffic to your store location.

2. Apps are attractive to a younger generation who are attached to their cell phones or tablets.

3. The app is a 24/7/365 sales person and "expert" in the sales person’s back 

4. Turns employees into educated sales people at the swipe of a screen.

5. Merge app promotion and plants your store carries into your website, social 
media and marketing campaigns.

6. Demonstrates your garden store "is with it" from a technology standpoint.

7. Garden center staff using the app and promoting it to customers fosters a higher probability of gardening success, which means less returns and repeat business.

8. Recognized by New England Grows and the National Garden Bureau as a top gardening app.

9. Confidence for sales team and consumers they are choosing the right plant for the right place.

10.  Available on most smart phones and tablets for only $4.99