Americana in your garden:  Baptisia ‘Purple Smoke’.  



I have been in love with the Baptisias for decades (my wife is occasionally jealous) because of their persistence, their diversity, their history and their performance in gardens all over the US and Canada.  The colors range from white to purple, with yellows and bi-colors as well, and their beauty starts in the spring with asparagus-like shoots emerging until the loose fruit can be played like a castanet in the fall. 

My choice:      For the best nativar of Baptisia – ‘Purple Smoke’

Why:               It has been proven to perform everywhere, it is easily available and is vigorous.  When choosing plants native to the US, Baptisia is an easy choice.      

More info:      So many other fine Baptisias are available.  For the most convenient and inexpensive way to learn more, download my App (search App store, type “Armitage”).  Works on iOS and Androids.   Or check out my online classes and join me in the pursuit of learning.

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