I wear many hats – I speak to plant breeders, garden center owners, landscapers and designers – but the hat I also enjoy is the one I wear when speaking to gardeners. 

By definition, those master gardeners and wild gardeners are a wee bit crazy.   The people who come to here me wax on about plants love everything new and can’t wait to pull those weeds and plant their flowers, trees and veggies.

But their friends and my daughters may not be quite as crazed, but want plants for enjoyment and decoration.  They simply want plants that look nice, enhance the value of their home, and perform well with little maintenance.

That is why I love seeing my App on their phone.  Finally something convenient, something useful, and something simple that puts all this gardening and decorating information in their back pocket and purse.

The information about plants that work is simple, includes photos and videos and is written in a no-nonsense manner.  My garden friends want everything, my decorator daughters want information they don’t have to search for, but they all want good plants, good performance and the garden centers to buy them from.

In talking with gardeners and decorators, they tell me why they purchase the App.  Some of the reasons make my day, and here they are:

Top 10 reasons why gardeners like the Armitage App:

1.    Finally, easy to use information useful for gardening and decorating our home on our phone and tablet = more success in the garden.

2.    App is easy to download and use and is immediately available.

3.    The app is constantly updated so information is always current. 

4.    Language is non-intimidating, written as if you were sitting with Dr. A on your porch or balcony.

5.    The confusion about hybrids and cultivars disappears because Dr. A makes specific recommendations on what plants perform well.

 6.    Over 500 photos of plants he recommends so you can see what they look like.

7.    Love the entertaining, brief, instructional videos that are available for many plants recommended.

8.    Garden Centers that carry the plants recommended are easily found.

9.    Recognized by New England Grows and the National Garden Bureau as a top gardening app.

10.  Available on smart phones and tablets for only $4.99





AuthorAllan Armitage