So many new plants, so much fun to try them out.  I am a huge proponent of new perennials and annuals – after all, how many of us go into a garden center and ask “What’s Old?”

However, sometimes we think that everything we read about the newest of the new is true – yet how many of these new plants have stood the teat of time – in fact, few have even been trialed around the country.  

New is not necessarily better, and in fact, many garden centers don’t sell the newest introductions because they are not easy to find, and they do not have a lot of confidence in their performance. 

I have recommended many cultivars of perennials and annuals on my App, but few of them are the newest genetics.   The fact is, those I recommend may have been around for many years but I have seen them, trialed them extensively, and feel confident in them.  You will also be able to find them at most garden centers.

Speaking of garden centers, more of them are being listed on the App every day.  Look under “A’s Great Garden Centers” and perhaps some of your favorites will be there, with updated websites, favorite plants and even plant sales as they happen.  I have not actively pursued garden centers to be on the App, so those who are listed understand that most gardeners and landscapers are using smart phones and tablets. 

AuthorAllan Armitage