I am sure anybody who reads or even watches the news heard that a new book by Harper Lee was found in an attic or drawer.  Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960 and has not published anything since.  Her new book, Go Set a Watchman is already on the best selling list and has not even been published yet.  I think this is great stuff but then I read another book from my most favorite author was also recently unearthed and will soon be made available.


During a cleaning spree, the widow of Theodore Geisel discovered a manuscript that had been hidden away in an old moving box.  Complete with text and drawings, it appeared to be written between1958 and 1962.   It is titled “What Pet Should I Get?” So why am I so excited? 


dr seuss.jpg

Theodore Geisel wrote under the name of Dr. Seuss.  I loved reading his books to my kids as they were growing up; in fact, I probably enjoyed them more than they did.  He wrote over sixty books - “And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” was one of my favorites. The last book he wrote before he died “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” should be on every parent/child reading list. 

 I also love to think of Ted Geisel because it is said that “Mulberry Street”, his first book, was rejected 27 times before being published.  As an author, I know the feeling of rejection, and the joy of seeing your work in print.  Perhaps we all have a secret something squirreled away somewhere that will make people happy.  Perhaps we can all take our rejections and think of that cat in the hat and realize things can get better around the next corner.

AuthorAllan Armitage
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