New Year’s resolutions are like snow in October. It looks good for a while then melts away. So I have learned not to resolve anything of great importance.


I know a few things that I will not promise to do. I will continue to be one of the few people in this world who does not eat peanut butter; life is too short.  I will, however, continue to eat apple turnovers: life is too short not to.  


I will not resolve to lose weight, been there, done that, seems kind of silly to write down what you eat, Food is for savoring, not cataloging. I will, nevertheless, resolve to stay active by getting on the tennis court. However, I will no longer resolve to become the national champion in my age group. 


In that vein, I will not resolve to try to be the best at anything, but I will resolve to try to get better at everything.


I will not resolve to write many more books.  I will never fill even a small bookshelf in the library of great literature. However, I do resolve to read more good books; my shelves have stayed unoccupied for too long.  


I cannot resolve to be the best friend anyone has ever had, but I do resolve not to take friendships for granted. Each is uniquely special, and will not be with you forever. 


Lastly, I do resolve with all my heart and soul to never take myself seriously. Never have, never will; this is the one resolution I have actually kept.


I look forward to seeing everyone in 2017.


AuthorAllan Armitage