App for Gardeners, Retailers, Landscapers and Designers about Useful Perennials, Annuals and Veggies for the Garden.


Over 1000 different plants, 100's of photos, videos, and a deer browsing guide make this product unique. Works on iOS (apple products) and Androids. Now you can have Dr A's insights, hints for success and his choices for best varieties in your back pocket everywhere you go.   All for $4.99.  

Good news, The App, version 2, has been revised for all iOS users (iPhones, iPads) and now for Android phones as well.  The new App delivers even more information about great plants, great garden centers and even great books in a simple-to-read format.  The new version is easy to navigate and provides a book on your phone or tablet.

You can follow the adventures of the Armi App on the App's Facebook Page.  

Listing your IGC on the app is Free of Charge!! It is time "to take us to them"

Follow These Simple Instructions to Have Your Garden Center Listed for FREE!

1.    Provide current contact information - Name, phone, garden center address.

2.    Website or Facebook page URL. (Note: Only one URL can be listed.)   

3.    Garden center photos.  TIP: The best photos are those with shoppers in the store or happy customers and/or sales people.  An overhead photo of ten acres of glass does not inspire shopping.

4.   Tell someone why they want to visit in a short paragraph. Provide a short paragraph of why your daughter’s friends would want to shop at your store. Be creative! 

Take a look at other listings on the App - they are the best guides to emulate.

Only garden centers that have approached me are listed.  I am not calling or writing anyone and asking retailers to be listed. 
Send everything to Dr. Armitage at

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Promote the App to your customers and fans through your website, e-blasts and other forms of promotion.   You are on the App, so why would you not promote it? It costs nothing and gives you one more thing to talk about in your communications!

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View the short video below for helpful insight on how technological tools, like apps, can build a stronger and more informative staff, which will enrich your customers' experience.

Dr A's Partners on The App 

They have all volunteered their time and their expertise to make the App richer and more informative. Please say hello.



Brent & Becky Bulbs: If I talk bulbs, I like to have this icon of the bulb world with me. Their recommendations appear on every page. All bulbs in the App can be directly ordered through the App with just a few clicks.

Brie Arthur (Foodscaping) brings this most popular trend to us. Brie is the most knowledgeable person in the field of “foodscaping”, sharing insight about the importance and pleasure of selecting ornamental plants that also have culinary value.

Brushwood Nursery: Vines are too often underused and misunderstood. Brushwood is a leaders in the their production and distribution -users can purchase any of the vines on the App simply by linking to Brushwood.

Garden Product Reviews: Who doesn’t want the best pruners, best garden saw or long lasting garden gloves? Monica Hemmingway's whose up-to-date information allows all users to quickly and easily search for the best of anything. 

Herb Society of America: The popularity of herbs is skyrocketing, and the diversity for the gardener just keeps getting better. The experts at the HSA provide recommendations for the App

 HGTV Home: I have worked with the people at HGTV Home since its inception and am confident in the value HGTV Home brings to gardeners. A special page for HGTV on the App allows users to locate the retailers who carry HGTV plants.  

Hoffman Nursery and Emerald Coast Nursery: Both these excellent wholesale nurseries are well known for their expertise in ornamental grasses.  I continually ask their advice on this large group of plants – the result is an wonderful selection of grasses for wildlife, non-invasiveness and ease of gardening.    

Lisa Steinkopf: Lisa has forgotten more about houseplants than I ever knew. Lisa shares her recommendations and secrets for success to all of us. The best houseplants for any part of the house and the newest varieties as well.

Master Nursery Garden Centers: Providing information about high quality garden centers is an important part of the App. Master Nursery works with hundreds of garden centers throughout the country. A special page "A's Thoughts on Great Garden Centers allows the user to locate these excellent businesses. 

Nature's Source: I have long been a fan of Nature’s Source Plant Food, using it exclusively in the Trial gardens at UGA and in my garden at home.  A specific page “A’s Thoughts About Plant Food” allows gardeners to locate retailers who carry it.

Shannon Pable (Ferns): When I need a little help with ferns, I know where to turn. Shannon has been one of the fern experts at Georgia Perimeter College for years, working with the renown expert, George Sanko. They are both outstanding.

Shawna Coronado (Drought Resistant Plants): Shawna is a rock star; respected and admired wherever she speaks and works. Drought resistance will always be important and Shawna brings her expertise about selection of plants that tolerate drought.

Plant Delights Nursery: Is there a more fabulous source for the unusual, the spectacular and the excellent than Tony and Anita's wonderful nursery? Now everyone can order their dream plants using the link on the App. 

The Perennial Farm: I have worked closely with this giant of perennial plant production for years. Their product list and quality is outstanding. Plants listed in the App can be ordered directly from The Perennial Farm Marketplace.

Walters Gardens: Walters Gardens is without doubt one of the finest perennial nurseries in the country. They have joined forces with me to distribute the App to the many garden centers with whom they work. Their expertise in plant breeding, marketing & sales make the App so much stronger.