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                                            Readers of the Books

Gracious words of a Literati Staff member

Gracious words of a Literati Staff member

Literati- a great independent book store in Ann Arbor, MI.

Literati- a great independent book store in Ann Arbor, MI.

Garden Vistas Travelers

“I have traveled with Garden Vistas for about 15 years, but regret that I missed several trips. My focus in traveling is to see gardens-not just buildings and historical scenery. Garden Vistas focus on public and private gardens in each area we have visited. Had I not been with GV group, I would not have been able to see many of those private gardens. It has been my pleasure to travel with such a varied group, many of whom I have gotten to know and always look forward to seeing again. The trips are well-organized with few surprises along the way. I have recommended GV to my friends and they have always been very pleased. I look forward to traveling with them many more times. 

— Faye Beck, Knoxville, TN



“I think the main point about Garden Vistas trips is that unlike any other garden travel company, these trips are the top of the line in terms of destinations, hotels, foods, fun, and of course, world class gardens. Garden Vistas trips are always memorable and never at a loss for excitement!”

— Vinnie Simeone, Planting Fields, New York



“I enjoyed both trips I made with Garden Vistas.  The arrangements were top notch. The second trip was as a single, and though I don’t mind going as a single, it does get more expensive.  I will continue to try to find someone to consider a trip with me in the future. I plan to install your App whenever I can find time to do it.  (I am not the most technically savvy as I need to be.)  Who said retirement was for taking it easy?”

— Vivian Skipper, Macon, GA

                                       Students of Online Courses

 “The whole course; I liked testing my knowledge on the different flowers after 60 years of planting them! ”

 — Koleta Scott, Delphinium Garden Club (Oklahoma)


“I think this will be a great course for those master gardeners and home gardeners that want a deeper knowledge of perennials. The knowledge, appreciation, and stories I gained from this course was well worth the time I invested in it. 

— Matt Torrence

Users of the App

“I have this app and it would make an awesome gift. Well worth the $4.99 for the gardener on your list.”

— Karen Howland


“Love the way he groups plant info into shade and sun tolerant, as well as gives info on deer tolerant plants.”

— Waleskagardener


“Excellent Resource- I will be recommending this App to my garden center customers, as well as using it myself. Very useful gardening information from one of the industries leading experts.”

— Rob R.