New Book

"Perhaps one might consider Dr. A as a candidate for the local comedy club as his ability to tell a story is way beyond chuckles and guffaws. All of the stories reveal the mystery about each plant based on historical research. Not to be slighted, clues are included on how to encourage your plant to survive and thrive. After all, take note that Dr. A is a plant man of the first order. Naked Ladies is a book for everyone and not just for those with a green thumb. His book goes beyond a garden primer and indeed is a valuable resource for anyone who gardens and wants to learn more about what he or she is growing."

-George Graine, Fairfax Master Gardener


Armitage's App for Android and Apple Devices

Dr. A's app is brilliant, with a plethora of plant varieties and constant additions and upgrades. Photos, videos, Dr A's recommendations for the best plants and even great garden centers to visit. Interactive, informative, and, intelligent--download it today!

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Internet Classes for Gardeners and Industry

Dr A's first Internet "class for the world" was introduced in October, 2012 and is available to all. The first class "Perennials for the Sun", is an in-depth and enjoyable class on some of the best choices for perennials for a sunny location.  Twenty genera, chapters on botanical subjects, quizzes and a lot of fun are hallmarks of the class.  "Perennial for the Shade" has been added so that all gardeners, and professionals can learn about perennials wherever they garden.  People who take these classes have a ball.   It's easy to enroll!