Dr. Allan Armitage is well known as a writer, speaker and researcher throughout the world.  Born and raised in Canada, he lived in Quebec and Ontario, then in East Lansing, Michigan and Athens, Georgia.  He has worked with landscape plants and greenhouse crops in the North and South, and travels from coast to coast and all parts in between sharing his passion for plants.  He holds his B.Sc from McGill University in Montreal, otherwise known as The Harvard of the North,  his M.Sc. from University of Guelph and his Ph.D. from Michigan State University.  

His career has taken him all over the world, lecturing throughout United States and Canada, as well as many countries in Europe, South America, New Zealand and Australia. His knowledge has allowed him to write 16 books, countless academic papers and hundreds of articles for professionals and lay people alike. He has been honored for his achievements throughout he country - the respect from his colleagues is most impressive.   He has written a monthly column for the national greenhouse publication, “Greenhouse Grower”,  for over 30 years and has not repeated one yet. To view always entertaining, informative, and sometimes instructional short videos, visit his YouTube channel.

Lastly, all plants and no play make Allan a dull boy - squash, tennis, reading, guitar and yes, even dancing keep him very busy indeed.

You can contact Dr A through the contact page, or directly through his email at amarmitage123@gmail.com

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New Book

"Full of insightful stories reflecting times long past, Dr Armitage brings new life to the mystique of gardening. The tales recounted in Of Naked Ladies and Forget Me Nots bring a fresh sense of purpose and humor to many cherished heirlooms grown in gardens around the world.  Each intriguing description is more delightful than the last and I could not put this book down until I read about all of my favorite flowers." -Brie Gluvna Arthur, Author of The Foodscpae Revolution.

It is easy to order, just visit the Bookstore.

Armitage's App for Android and Apple Devices

Dr. A's app is brilliant, with a plethora of plant varieties and constant additions and upgrades. Photos, videos, Dr A's recommendations for the best plants and even great garden centers to visit. Interactive, informative, and, intelligent--download it today!


The Springboard lists reviews on the app, books, and classes. 

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Internet Classes for Gardeners and Industry

Dr A's first Internet "class for the world" was introduced in October, 2012 and is available to all. The first class "Perennials for the Sun", is an in-depth and enjoyable class on some of the best choices for perennials for a sunny location.  Twenty genera, chapters on botanical subjects, quizzes and a lot of fun are hallmarks of the class.  "Perennial for the Shade" has been added so that all gardeners, and professionals can learn about perennials wherever they garden.  People who take these classes have a ball.   It's easy to enroll!

To read what students have to say about the courses, visit our page, The Springboard.