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How Both Courses Work

By completing Armitage’s Herbaceous Perennials, including
the interactive exercises within each lesson and the end-of-lesson
quizzes, you will gain a broader understanding of the
various species and the best cultivars of old-fashioned plants.
These online courses, combined with the required textbook,
also authored by Dr. Allan Armitage, will give you a more indepth
exposure to perennials. The online lessons are delivered
in both audio clips and text format. Enjoy listening to Dr.
Armitage speaking about the different topics related to each
lesson’s plant.

The Learning Objectives

After completing each online lesson (in either course), you will be able to:

  • Identify various species of that lesson’s plant
  • State propagation methods
  • Identify growing conditions and cultivars
  • Recall plant uses, history and little-known facts


Each Herbaceous Perennials course offers:

  • A self-paced, self-study, online certificate course; accessible anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Interactive exercises and end-of-lesson quizzes to enhance your learning experience
  • Audio clip tutorials from Dr. Armitage along with text equivalent scripts topics about each plant’s:

                     — Introduction and history
                     — Diversity of plant
                     — Propagation
                     — Flower structure
                     — Identification
                     — Pros and cons

To complete either 90-day course

  • Read each plant’s required textbook reading assignment
  • Read the online lesson for the designated plant
  • Answer the lesson interactive exercises
  • Complete the quiz at the conclusion of each lesson. You must score at least 70% on each lesson.