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OSU Nursery Short Course: Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH


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The Horticulture Industry, Through One Man’s Eyes. Ballroom 2. 8:30 a.m.

When the path forks- take it” is an expression that likely describes how we all got to where we are today.  In our business, if there is anything that is constant, it is change.   We are always looking for the next great plant, the next great fad or the next great trend.  There is no such thing as the next great anything - but we can always do things a little better.  We will look at possible forks in the path together. 

Look What They Did to My Marigolds, What is a Calibrachoa Anyway? Ballroom 3. 10:45 a.m.
Dr. Armitage will look at the breakthroughs and the quiet movements in the annuals trade.  From plants we never heard of 10 years ago, like Angelonia and Otemeria to favorites that have changed significantly, like Pelargonium and Euphorbia, we will journey though the land of the Annuals. 


Earlier Event: January 7
MANTS: Baltimore, MD